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We are now preparing the Winter Workshop Series 2014! Registration is open.
The Learner-Centered Classroom:

How to engage, motivate, and assess students

Do you have difficulty engaging and motivating your students? Do you ever have trouble assessing how well they really understand the material? Or, perhaps you are new to teaching and want to become an effective instructor? This certificate-bearing series will address these questions while focusing on the value of teaching with a “learner-centered” approach. Over the course of six sessions, we will cover topics including formative assessment, active learning, diversity in the classroom, and teaching technologies. In addition, we will discuss how to present information effectively in a lecture and how these techniques will help you succeed in your job search. You have the opportunity to earn a certificate of workshop completion, and you will leave the series with useful techniques to implement in your teaching. Sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Teaching Assistant Consultants.

All workshops run from 11am - 1pm on Tuesday's, starting January 21st! (see dates below)
Workshop will be held in 1348 EPS (see map below)

List of workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Active, Structured, Specific, Estimation of Student Success: The purposes and techniques of assessment (Tue Jan 21
  • Workshop 2: Student Engagement: The what, why, and how of active learning (Tue Jan 28
  • Workshop 3: Presenting and Lecturing Effectively: Making the most of multi-modal and interactive presentation tools (Tue Feb 4
  • Workshop 4: One Class, Infinite Possibilities: Promoting an equitable and diverse classroom (Tue Feb 11
  • Workshop 5: Teaching Tools: Using technology to create the learner-centered classroom (Tue Feb 18
  • Workshop 6: Preparing for the Academic Job: Dissecting components of successful teaching portfolios (Tue Feb 25)

Workshop Location: 1348 Earth and Physical Sciences (EPS)

---- Recent Workshops ----

Winter Workshop Series 2013

Powerful Pedagogy: Using Research-Supported Methods to Teach Effectively

What separates a good instructor from a great one? What kinds of teaching techniques do and don’t work in the classroom? Are you interested in employing more creative ideas in your teaching? Whether you have never taught before or have significant teaching experience, this workshop series will provide you with effective, literature-supported teaching techniques. This series will explore classroom technology, information retention, active learning, and more. We’ll discuss various ways to motivate students and assess learning. The series will tie these teaching practices into your professional development and job preparation, and end with a workshop on composing a statement of teaching philosophy. You will leave this series equipped with research-based techniques to help you teach more effectively.  

You can earn a certificate for the “Powerful Pedagogy” series! Attend five out of six workshops and complete 2 assignments. More details to come.

List of Workshops
  • Workshop 1 (Mon, Jan 28, 2:10-4pm): "Active Learning: The New Tradition"
  • Workshop 2 (Mon, Feb 4, 2:10-4pm): "Rethinking Retention and Making the Most of Memory"
  • Workshop 3 (Mon, Feb 11, 2:10-4pm): "Motivating students: Beyond the grade"
  • Workshop 4 (Mon, Feb 25, 2:10-4pm): "Meaningful Assessment: How to Measure and Increase Student Learning"
  • Workshop 5 (Mon, Mar 4, 2:10-4pm): "Terrific Teaching Technologies"
  • Workshop 6 (Mon, Mar 11, 2:10-4pm): "From Theory and Practice to Articulation: Creating a Compelling Statement of Teaching Philosophy"

Location available upon registration.

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